About ME

I’m a 30-something, horn-wielding, piano-playing mother of two fantastic children and wife to a fabulous guy. I started this blog as a creative outlet for my various passions, activities, thoughts and sometimes questionable sense of humour.

And you’ll notice I spelled ‘humour’ with a ‘u’.  Which also makes me an expat. Canadian to be precise. I left Canada about 10 years ago and haven’t lived there since. I’m hoping to change that up in the next few years. I was born and partially raised on the Canadian prairies in a tight-knit clan of Norwegians and Scots. This probably made me the stubborn, proud, butter-loving individual that I am today. When I was 7, we moved to the ‘burbs north of Toronto where I spent the rest of my childhood and adolescence.

I did my undergrad at McGill University in Montreal, where I met my husband, who was an exotic, foreign (read: American) grad student at the time. We’ve been together ever since, through lots of separations while I finished my undergrad and then master’s degree in Chicago, him joining the US military, living in Europe for almost 8 years and now as I pursue my doctorate about an hour from his current posting in Small-ish Desert Town, USA. He’s an upstanding fellow who cooks, cleans, sings and gives foot and neck rubs.  I will keep him.

We’ve managed to hatch two outstanding human beings that I often refer to as the Little People. Not because they are leprechauns or because they’re small preschool-appropriate plastic figurines, but because they’re truly people in their own right. Just on the small side. Little m is 4, a leggy, pixie version of her father’s good looks. Klein c has all the dignity afforded him by his 2 years on this planet and resembles a straight-haired version of my own eminent father at the same age. It’s spooky.

Polite people call me “artsy” or “creative” while my parents just wish I would get a decent, full-time job with benefits. Instead I’ve been a freelancer since I left school, playing gigs and teaching a variety of people and at a variety of places to make a few shekels. But things they are a-changing. I’m currently pursuing my doctorate in music and I have some grand designs on playing and teaching jobs in the very near future. My partner in life and crime is changing things up, too, just to make things interesting. We’re excited about what the future holds, unlike the doom and gloom constantly raining down from the news outlets. It’s scary, but it could be big. And it’s ours.


2 thoughts on “About ME”

  1. Maria Mondino said:

    Love to hear that we have company in our project of making big life changes while raising amazing little people 🙂

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