With apologies to Fancy Nancy, “Programme” just looks fancier than plain old “program”.

In a scant three and a half weeks, I’ll be presenting a solo recital as a partial fulfillment of my degree requirements for my doctorate. This will be number 3 of 4. The first one was called a “Qualifying” recital. Why? I’ve got no idea. At that point, I’d been admitted and taken a goodly portion of classwork.

The second one was an all chamber music dealie. And basically a pain in the arse to put together. Not only that, but I caught a virulent version of the Norwalk virus and was puking my guts out less than 36 hours before the recital was to take place. I should have cancelled, but I would have had to go through reorganizing the whole thing to do again at a later date. Have learned my lesson on that bargain with the devil. Basically, I was screwed if I cancelled and screwed if I didn’t. Winning.

My headshot from the posters of ill-fated chamber music recital.

So, I’m hoping for health, a lack of reverse peristalsis and the stars to align.

Here’s my recital programme:

Volker David Kirchner – Tré Poemi

Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello Suite No. 5 (Courante and Sarabande)

Franz Strauss – Nocturno, Op.7


Denis Gougeon – Cor-Jupitre from Six thèmes solaires

Keith Bissell – Under the Apple Boughs

Jane Vignery – Sonata, Op. 7

I’m thinking of changing up the order, so that isn’t set 100% yet. Would love to know what other people or their students might be playing in recital in the near future. Any takers? This is definitely more contemporary than my Qualifying recital and has double the Canadian content. Hurrah.