So, I’m taking a course this summer that revolves around setting goals for myself as a musician and how to be more effective at what I do every day. Which is music. Even when I’m not gigging or in school. Even when I’m playing with the Little People, it’s running through my mind. I can’t seem to escape it for any period of time and that’s really led to the realization that I don’t need to. Or want to. And that makes me happy. Even though usually I hate making decisions and like things open-ended, I feel really comfortable with that one.

And that got me thinking about happy and happiness and then I stumbled across this video with Shawn Achor. It’s not a good idea to go googling around for other talks that he’s done because they’re all the same and you’ll get bored and/or disillusioned. But this version of his presentation is spot on and even if it’s not the deepest thing in the Universe, it’s entertaining and it got me thinking. Which is never a bad combo.

Here’s the vid.

I don’t believe that doing all the things he talks about at the end of the talk will make me richer or thinner or smarter. But being grateful for what you have makes you appreciate things in a new light and reaching out to people in various ways affirms a lot of what I believe in my life and faith. Of late, I’ve been keeping a journal of all the things I’m grateful for, with at least three unique entries every day. And you know what? I’m not having any problem finding new things for which to be thankful. Despite not quite being where I want to be in life, I’m amazed by where I am and what I have and the people who have touched my life. I’m realizing that I’m pretty stinkin’ lucky and blessed.

Wow. Pollyanna much?