I’m not necessarily the girliest girl on the planet. In fact, I rather resent the label. However, my pursuits have tended towards the more academic or artistic rather than things that require power tools. Which is pretty silly, considering that one of my favourite classes in grades 7 & 8 was shop class. I made all kinds of goofy stuff: a gum ball machine (which I gave to my grandfather – I wonder where it went?), a flower shaped piggy bank out of wood and acrylic, a profile of myself out of cedar, key chains and probably more.  So, basically, crap, but it was my crap and I got to use all kinds of fun machines to make it.

Recently, I’ve taking to building a bit of furniture, here and there. At first, I’d find plans and then make my husband do it. He built a lovely outdoor table and a dresser for our room. Which was awesome. But then I’d badger him into building something else. Which got boring. So last summer, I made a couch for our back patio. And a few weeks ago, I made a bookcase for Little m’s room.  I had help because I needed an extra pair of hands to hold certain joints together while I used the drill or vice versa.

And here it is:


Now if she’ll only stay like that.

Basically, my daughter had outgrown her baby bookcase. It was an Ikea dealie, (kind of like this, if it was just the bottom portion with the scrolled top) 2 shelves and oddly tall for her books without managing to hold very much. We got it in Germany and made do for a while, as her book collection grew. When we moved her, I tried using storage cubes from Target to help he keep it looking tidy and to prevent the dog from munching on book spine glue. And the whole idea failed pretty miserably. If everything was actually put away, then the basket was too heavy for her to move in or out of the bookshelf. And the Ella the Wonderdog decided that the teal-coloured one looked delicious and snacked on the corner.

So once school was over for the semester and I’d mentally gotten over that, I betook myself to Lowes with two little people in tow and came away with MDF (medium density fiberboard), lots of screws, a few pine boards and an iron will. Or something like that. I’d gotten plan’s from Ana White’s website (She’s an Alaskan housewife who’s currently building a house from scratch for her mother and mother-in-law. And she’s probably a size 0. And she wield’s a mean power drill.) FOR FREE. The lovely people at Lowes cut the MDF to manageable sizes for me and Mr. T. made all the rest of my cuts at home. I don’t like circular saws and until with get a miter saw, chopping things out in the Man Cave is his job. I pre-drilled everything with my Kreg Jig (which I found out later, doesn’t really work well with MDF) and using copious amounts of glue and a handsome man to hold things, screwed the thing together.

The finishing part is both my most favourite and least favourite part. I love picking colours and imagining what it will look like. I hate sanding and filling holes and priming and painting multiple coats. One coat = fun! Three coats = crabby patties. My patio became a painting crazy place for about a week. No little people were permitted to scooter or bike ride on the premises. Even Ella the Wonderdog thought me encroaching on her outside bed space for that long was a bit much. The white is Glidden’s Parchment and the pink-red is Behr’s Firefly red – Little m pulled it out of her duvet cover. But it’s finally finished and now the bookcase is firmly ensconced in my daughter’s room and holds so much more junk. Erm. Treasures. There’s now a place for shoes and a place for puppets and a place for small art pages, in additions to more places for books.

Now, onto the boy’s room.