It’s Friday, I’m armed with a cup of Lady Grey, so let’s begin.

I am a horn player. That’s my job. As a professional. I have been known to fend off questions like “Can you get paid for that?”. I used to get offended. Now, it’s an increasingly relevant question.

This is my baby, Hillary. Before the epic cleaning and restoration a few weeks ago.

I am also a freelancer. I play with a bunch of orchestras in the Southwest. Some dear sweet people think that if I’m about to go play with an orchestra, I must have joined the orchestra. Which I suppose is technically true, but only for the few days that I’m there. I don’t have a permanent job with an orchestra, and right now, that’s ok.

But I’m aiming for permanent orchestral and teaching jobs in the near future. After all, there are no more degrees after the doctoral level. Unless I didn’t actually want to be employed at some point. The Ivory Tower is getting a bit faded and old at this point. So, I’m putting myself in the audition pool. I’m currently developing a plan for which auditions I’ll take and what jobs I want. This probably sounds limiting in an already narrow field. But it makes no sense for me to take every audition because it’s there. That’s exhausting and nerve-racking and did I mention expensive?

So, I’m going to start posting audition related material, sometimes from the American Federation of Musicians and various other sites on my Horn Stuff page. I may even be taking some of the auditions I’ll have listed. I will not be taking all of them. Not so long a go, the Associate Principal Horn of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra used to do this and it was neat to see what things were open and auditioning all over the world. Unfortunately, she took her page down for a number of personal reasons. She’d also posted past audition lists from the last 25 or so years and it was a really valuable resource. I’m hoping to create something similar for my own and general use.

And if anyone is interested, there was a terribly accurate portrayal of the audition process from the Boston Symphony Orchestra a few weeks ago in Boston Magazine. It’s pretty close to Olympic athletes undergo. You can read the article at the link below.